10 Hole Engineering Bricks

Category & Price: Red: 19.90 /- TK Stone: 20 /- TK

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Product size: 9.5in X 4.5in X 2.75in (Approx)

Product Code: MCW - BC1 Test Engineers most demandable brick. Maintainance free and durable bricks…

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10 Hole Engineering Bricks is the great facing structural brick. It has high load bearing capacity.

    • It’s Actual size: 240 X 114 X 114 mm (9.5 X 4.5 X 2.75 in)
    • Required pcs per 100 sft 500pcs
    • Crushing Strength 31 n/nm2
    • Water Absorption: 5% (Approx)
    • Cost Reducible