A Tribute to Architect Mubasshar Hussein

Mirpur & Khadim Ceramics deeply mourn the sad demise of the Freedom Fighter & Architect Mr. Mubasshar Hussein, Former President, of the Institute of Architects, Bangladesh. He left the world today 2nd January 2023 around 1:30 AM. 

In the past, he served as the president of the Architects Regional Council, Asia ARCASIA, and President of the Commonwealth Association of Architects.

He dedicated his whole life to developing the architectural community in Bangladesh to the best.

Figure 1: Architect Mubasshar Hussein Receiving Flowers from Mirpur & Khadim Ceramics Ltd. on the Day of becoming the President of IAB (Institute 0f Architects, Bangladesh).

Mentionable Works 

Amongst all his works, the following are the most mentionable ones – 

  1. Chattogram Railway Station
  2. Proshika Bhaban Head Office
  3. Proshika Koitta
  4. Grameen Bank Bhaban
  5. RDRS Guest House
  • Chattogram Railway Station

Chattogram Railway Station was originally built in the British period, during 1896. Later in 2013, another new terminal was developed. 

Figure 2 Chattogram Railway Station’s New Terminal Was Constructed in 2013. (Source: Wikipedia)

The new terminal is more spacious, better at height and has lighting facilities. Altogether, it is full of architectural beauty. 

This is one of the largest stations in Bangladesh and every day a minimum of 9 intercity trains and 12 mail express trains run from this station.  



  • Proshika Bhaban Head Office 

Proshika is a non-government organization built in 1976 for the training and development of rural manpower in Bangladesh. The head office is in Mirpur, Dhaka.

Figure 3 Proshika Head Office Has an Unusual Shape (Wikipedia)

It is beautifully built with modern technology, exterior, and interior. The shape of the building is also a site for sore eyes. Architect Mubasshar Hussein worked on the design of this building.


  • Proshika Koitta

Proshika HRDC Trust is located in Koitta village, Manikganj, Bangladesh. This is a very beautiful complex with greenery and a six storied building. Natural beauty mixed with the red texture of bricks made it one of the best creations of the architect.

  • Grameen Bank Bhaban

Grameen Bank Bhaban is a building situated at Mirpur, Dhaka. Like the other works of Architect Mr. Mubasshar Hussein, the building has also been built with an exceptional design that makes it different from all other buildings nearby. You can distinguish the building easily.


Figure 5 Grameen Bank Building (Source: Wikipedia)

  • RDRS Rangpur

This is the Rangpur Dinajpur Rural Service (RDRS) Rangpur office situated at Jail Road, Rangpur. From the ground to the top, the complex is a work of beauty. The buildings also look like they were born out of the greenery. All the buildings here have plants grown on them.

Figure 6 RDRS Rangpur Has A Different Kind of Environment (Source: RDRS Rangpur)

The exceptional concept that came from the architect made it one of the most distinguished complexes in Rangpur.


Architect Mr. Mubasshar Hussein has been awarded numerous awards due to his contributions to the architectural sector. Like


AIA President Medal 2009

American Institute of Architects provides awards to architects who create exceptional designs and projects. Architect Mubasshar Hussein was awarded this prestigious organization in 2009.


IAB Gold Medal

Architect Mubasshar Hussein received the Institute of Architects Bangladesh’s Gold Medal in 2018. This is a prestigious achievement for any architect in Bangladesh.

He was like a shining star among the society of architects in Bangladesh. We pray for his departed soul.